Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I found these acrylic letters in my studio and I thought they would look great with some Color Aluminum.
For letter "L" I used Red Aluminum and Dreamweaver Stencil LL599 Heart Whimsy.The background was done using Stencil LJ901 Mosaic Swirls.
Letters "O" and "E" were done in Navy Blue Aluminum and our Embossing Background Plates #07 and #08
Letter "V" was done using Stancils LG628 Dogwood Background and LJ863 Swirls Background.
Background color was removed with a sanding block.  I used the Fiber Glass tool to remove the red color in the Heart design details.
I used our Adhesive roll to adhere the metal to the acrylic letters.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mini Book

The embossed part of this project took me just a few minutes.  I used one of Tessler Stencils. It was done in Pewter.
The tiny dots in the background were done with the Cup and Ball #1.
The textures and lines of the leaves were done with the Refiner.
The center of the flowers were done with the Cup and Ball #4.  I also used that tool to emboss the petals.
All shapes were outlined or clean with Teflon-D01.
I added Pewter Patina to give an antique look to the Pewter and polished it with a silver polishing paste.

Such a mini project can make any regular book look spectacular!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I had so much fun doing this little project. I love how different the lizard looks using "Brown Latte" aluminum and Pewter.
I used Dreamweaver's Lizard Stencil LM2004
In both cases I used a Fiskars embossing plate as a background.

The border in the pewter project was done using the Big Wheel tool. I also used the Screw and Cup Stamping Tool for adding the 2 screw looking details.
The border in the aluminum lizard was done with the Dash Wheel.  In both cases I used the Teflon D-01 to refine and outline the embossed shapes. I used the Double Ball and the Paper Stump #4 to give the final "puff" to the lizard.
I filled the back of the embossed areas with Mercart Filling Paste and let it dry (it takes from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and depth of the area).
I removed the brown color with a sanding block and the Fiber Glass tool to show the "silver" color of the aluminum. 
 In case of the pewter, I added Pewter Patina to give it an antique look.

Stencils are the easiest way of doing Metal Embossing for easy fast projects. And there are hundreds of designs to choose from !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Starter Kit

If you want a complete, yet basic kit with everything  needed to get started doing Metal Embossing we now have the STARTER KIT.
If you buy each item of the set individually you will pay $64.15.  As a set, you now buy it for only $51.00 in our website:
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The STARTER KIT includes:
* Basic Kit with 4 double tools
*Cup and Ball #6
*Decorative Wheel Horizontal
*Paper stump #4
*Adhesive roll
*MercArt Filling Paste
*Metal Combo Set with 2 sheets of each metal: Pewter, Aluminum and Copper (6" x 6")

Saturday, April 2, 2011

March's Giveaway

March Blog's Giveaway:
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Linda Carlson
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