Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tangles on Pewter and a Rooster stencil

Sorry for the delay in posting this. The last quarter of 2014 was quite hectic and I just finished working on all the samples for my classes of  2015.
I have enjoyed working on different Metal Embossing projects incorporating the use of  tangles. The  combined use of  pewter, stencils and tangles is absolutely amazing.
I was asked to post a tutorial with  the steps of a project I did on pewter using a Rooster Dreamweaver Stencil and Zentangle (*). The final project was this wooden box:

This is the list of materials I used:
Pewter roll . I cut a piece of 5" x 7"
Basic kit with 4 tools: Teflon tool, Star Wheel. Cup and Ball and Refiner
Fiber Glass tool
Wooden box
Decoart black acrylic paint
Silver polishing paste
Soft cloth

step 1
1) Place the stencil on the pewter,  turn it and place it over the hard non-textured  working surface (glass or acrylic).
step 2
2)Rub the metal  against the stencil with the tip of the Paper stump until you clearly see the stencil  design.
step 3
3) Outline the entire stencil design with the Teflon tip to give it a clean look.

4)Place the suede under the pewter (still working on the back) and trace or draw assorted tangles with the Teflon tip. Use the round sphere of the Cup and Ball to push the metal or emboss certain areas.  Use the decorative wheels (Star Wheel and Big wheel) to add textures and to create a border.
step 5
5) Remove the suede and turn the metal to the front. Clean or outline the outer lines of the embossed tangles with the Teflon tip to give it a nice defined look.
6) Add a different look to the background metal by rubbing it with the Fiber Glass tool.
7) Fill the back of the embossed areas with the Filling Paste and let it dry for a few hours. The dry hard paste will prevent the metal from being  pressed down. The Filling paste is liquid and has an applicator to fill just the embossed areas. It levels itself. It is really hard once it dries (it takes between 1 hour to 8 hours to dry, depending on the size/depth of the area).
step 8
8) Apply the Pewter patina with a brush (on the front of the metal). It will turn the pewter black.  Remove the excess with a paper towel after 2 minutes.
step 9
9)Rub the metal with a silver polishing paste and rub with a soft cloth until you get the desired shine.
The black patina will remain in the crevasses, giving the pewter a nice antique look.
10) At the end, I painted the wooden box with Decoart acrylic paint and I glued my project to the top of the box with Mercart's double sided adhesive.

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