Friday, January 4, 2013

Metal Wax

Let me begin this new year's post by saying that I  hope you have a spectacular 2013!!
 I hope you are healthier, wealthier and happier than ever!

I was in Mexico last month (again)... As you may recall, after my mom passed away almost one year ago, I have been going to Mexico City quite often to work with our team of people in both stores there.

Last December we had a great class using our Metal Wax, a product developed by a sculptor and that turns practically any surface into a "metal looking" piece.

The figure on the left is a plain resin piece that was first  painted in black.  The other two pieces were treated with our "Metal Wax" to create 2 different metal effects

This is a concrete piece that looks like old rusted metal after using the "Metal Wax" product.

There are several patinas to choose from to create different effects

"Metal Wax" can create the metal looking finish because it is actually made of very fine metal particles