Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alcohol Inks and Color Aluminum

This was such an easy and fast project to do. I used  MercArt gold aluminum and Color Solution alcohol Inks.

The products I used were:
 * Teflon D-01  (to trace the design, outline the embossed areas and trace the "frame"  and leave's lines).
 * Cup and Ball #4 and #6 (to emboss the leaves and flowers and create a "puffy" look)
 * Star Wheel  (to create the background texture)
 * Diagonal Wheel #01 (to make a border)
 * Paper Stump #4 (to soften the strokes and flatten the background metal)
 * Gold colored aluminum (other light colors great for inks are:copper, yellow, mustard, teal and fuschia)
 * MercArt Filling Paste (to keep the embossed areas from collapsing)
 * Color Solution Inks: Aspen Leaf, Pumpkin and and a hint of Blue Velvet.
 * Sanding Block  (to remove the color from the embossed areas).

Color Solution Alcohol Inks from Dreamweaver are available at www.mercartusa.com