Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fish Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamps are another source of designs for your projects.I did this in Pewter based on a Magenta stamp.  You can  use washable ink and stamp it directly on the metal. Then you will trace the main outline with the stylus or Teflon tool and wipe out the ink. (You  can also stamp the design on paper and trace it with the stylus on the metal). You can use decorative scissors to cut the metal.
MercArt's tools I used were: *Teflon D-01 or Teflon D-04
*Cup and Ball #1 (eyes and tiny dots)
*Paper Stump #4
*Big Wheel (border dots)
*Refiner (for the background squiggles)
* 4 Needles Tool (fin's textures)
*Micro Wheel (head's texture)
*Assorted Decorative Wheels: Dash Wheel, Points with gap and Diagonal.
*Filling Paste

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monogram in Pewter

I love doing monograms or initials on metal. It is also a great way of personalizing a gift. Pewter gives it the extra touch of elegance.

In this project I used the following MercArt's products:
*Teflon D-04
*Cup and Ball #3
*Paper stump #4
*Screw and Cup Stamping Tool (for the corners)
*Big Wheel (row of dots around the monogram and as a border).
*Fiber Glass tool (burnished look in the background)
*Filling paste
*Pewter Patina

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aztec design

These 2 projects were inspired by a thousand years old aztec design. One was glued to a plastic light switch plate (with double side tape) and the other to a tin box.  They were both done in Pewter..  Main tools used:
*Teflon D-01 or D-04      *Refiner        *Paper stump      *Double Ball
*4 Needles (for the basket weave effect in the background)
*Stamping tool "Small star with center"  for the background
*Dash wheel for the fan effect in the main circle.
After it was finished I put Filling Paste at the back of the embossed areas and added the pewter Patina.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lead-Free Pewter and Jewelry

I made the wooden bracelet and necklace with our Lead-Free Pewter.  The tools used were: Teflon D-01 (to outline and clean), Refiner (give texture to the background), Paper Stump (#3-#5 are my favorites), Star Wheel (to make the rows of small dots between the squares) and Decorative Wheel Squares (as a frame for the squares in the bracelet).
I used some of Fiskars texture plates. I added the pewter Patina and polish it with a polishing paste and painted  the bracelet with silver "Dazzling Metallics" by Decoart.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stencils and Colored Aluminum

I believe that the easiest and fastest way to do Metal Embossing is by using Stencils. They are great for fast and easy- to -do projects. Stencils can be used with any metal but Colored aluminum seems to be the perfect match.
Here I used:
 Dreamweaver's heart stencil LL567 and
Mercart's Bronze and Red aluminum.  Dots around the hearts were done with the "Star Wheel"
Instead of embossing the design, I chose to "deboss" it.   The backround was done with Fiskars textured plates.  I sanded the aluminum to remove the color.In particular places you can also use the Brass Brush or the Fiber Glass tool to remove the color.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Trees

Some years ago, while I was in our booth at  CHA I met artist Landis Lundquist. I showed him the main 1,2,3 of  "Repujado" (metal embossing) and he not only loved it, but he eventually became an expert.
I used one of his designs, "Love Trees", to do this project in Pewter
I used the "Screw and Cup" stamping tool in the corners. The burnished look in the frame was done with the Fiber Glass Tool (though you can get a similar look with the Brass Brush). The row of dots was done with the Big Wheel.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to The Metal Embosser

I have been wanting to create this blog for quite a while. People ask me all the time if I have one so I thought it was about time for me to sit down and do it!
I'm excited about all the news, projects, ideas, tips and pictures we will be sharing with you. I hope you join us in this new journey and that you enjoy doing "Repujado" (Metal Embossing) as much as I do.
Best wishes!