Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Tea Box

Looking for an original gift?  What about this wooden box covered with pewter ?
I was inspired by a heart shaped box done by Kaori Kochi, one of  my students in Japan.

I gave continuity to the ribbon by folding  it over the box in its 4 sides.

The box blue color was given with the new CS207 Blue Velvet  Color Solution alcohol ink by Dreamweaver.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I was in Mexico City for some days and, besides enjoying my mom's company, I was able to get some new ideas.
I was also able to visit Mexico City's downton, which is full of historic colonial buildings ( XVI century) and prehispanic (Aztec) sites.
I was lucky to see the huge and amazing exhibition of  "Alebrijes" (mexican folk art;  colorful sculptures of fantastical creatures)  at the "Zocalo" or main downtown plaza.

Cathedral at the "Zocalo" Mexico City. Downtown

This small box was covered in pewter. Most of the design is made of "perfiles" or lines.
You can use the Refiner LT-05 or the Teflon D-01 for that.