Monday, March 7, 2011

Aluminum Flowers Frame: Thinking outside the box

What about covering a frame with dozens of flowers ?  We did so using 3 of MercArt's colored aluminum: Mustard, Navy Blue and Red.
We traced, embossed the outline and cut each one of the flowers using the Dry Point cutter. However, this can also be done using a flower shape punch (or any other shape for that matter!).
For each flower's center we  used the Betun Judea  (golden patina) .  You can also use "Metal Paint" by DecoArt or  "Pinata" alcohol Inks by Jacquard.

Who said you can only do "traditional" projects? Metal Embossing has endless possibilities.

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  1. This is darling Magdalina!! Yikes....alot of work. Thanks for the tip this morning!! I had a great time with metal embossing today. I got quite a bit done!! I hope you have a good day!!