Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moon and Sun

I just came back from a wonderful weekend retreat in Virginia where I had a great time teaching. My students were awesome!! A very talented and nice group of ladies.
This is one of the projects they did in Pewter. The design is a stamp from Judikins.

The MercArt tools used were:
*Star Wheel to create the "fan" look design of the Moon.
*Brass Brush (or Fiber Glass Tool) to get the burnished look of the background.
*Two different Decorative Wheels for the outside frame. In my case I used the Squares Wheel and the Diagonal with Gap wheel.
*Big Wheel to create the row of dots around the sun rays.
*Teflon D-01: To trace the design and outline the embossed areas.
*Stylus: To add the swirls of the sun.
*Cup and Ball #4 and #6:To emboss the rays,  moon & sun.
*Patina: to antique the pewter.

April's Giveaway Winner:
Karen Ellis!
Congratulations Karen.
PLease contact us so we can send you your prize containing:
Wooden Bracelet + Lead-Free Pewter + Basic Kit with 4 tools + Suede


  1. This is really awesome. I love all the different textures on this piece. It makes you want to just keep looking and looking at it.

  2. Thank you Magdalena, you were a great teacher and it was a pleasure to learn this art from you! I really enjoyed both days and look forward to making more beautiful pieces as soon as my tools arrive!

  3. Thank you both Sandy and Laura for your nice comments!