Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easy Bookmark

I just came back from the CKScrapbook show in Houston, Tx.
We had 2 different "Make-it Take-it" projects to do in our booth. One of them was a Bookmark. 

This Bookmark was done in Pewter and using the Sizzix embossing Machine with a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder.
I am not a huge fan of "machine" made embossing (I feel like cheating somehow) but I must admit it's a fast and easy way of doing some metal projects.
I always add some "hand made" details  to these projects so they don't look so "machine made".
Using the Refiner, I added some details to the circles: dots, lines, squiggles...and I embossed some of them with the appropiate size of Cup and Ball.
At the end I used the Pewter Patina and glued the pewter to the cardboard using double side tape.

People at the booth were able to choose between several Stencils, Backround plates and Embossing Folders. Some even made their "free hand" designs.


  1. The hand embellishments add a lot. It would look kind of empty without them, and not nearly so alive.

  2. Hi! I am looking into doing this project, but I am VERY new to metal embossing. I have a sizzix machine and plan to use an embossing folder to make the main design. I wanted to use the colored aluminum instead of pewter though. Would this work the same? Also, how do you finish off the edges when they are so sharp? Thanks!