Thursday, September 1, 2011

MercArt's new store!

I was in Mexico City  last week for the Grand Opening of a new MercArt store.  It was a great success and I was thrilled to see so many friends and loyal customers.
It is remarkable that my mom, who founded MercArt in 1970 (yes, 41 years ago!!!) still has the energy, and enthusiasm to open new stores!  At 78 she is indeed an exceptional role model. She is the  most positive, nice, strong and hard working woman I have ever met.
Everybody loved the big screen that shows "how to" videos.

It not only has Metal Embossing products but  many other Fine Crafts
Located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Mexico City.

The Quadratus canvas manufactured by Indart, the company that my dad founded more than 50 years ago! 


August's Blog giveaway winner is:
Sarah Elizabeth Foley
Please give us your address so we send you one of each of the colored aluminum sheets.
Congratulations Sarah.

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  1. Hello Magdalena! I am just reading this post right now! LOL!!! I have been away for sometime now, healing from back surgery... so this is a wonderful surprise!!! Is it too late to claim my blog prize? I hope not. I am so excitied! Thank you, thank you... and congrats on your new store in Mexico City, it's beautiful!
    Best wishes,
    Sarah ElizabethFoley ~