Friday, October 28, 2011


I came back this week  from another amazing 12 day trip from Japan. I taught 100 talented artists in 3 cities: Tokyo, Osaka and Fufuoka.
My wonderful hosts and distributor (Athena), plus the JMEA (Japan Metal Embossing Association) team, the translators and the enthusiastic group of students made me feel at home (just like they made me and my mom feel in 2009).
This won the "Mercart" prize
at the 3rd Annual Competition.
Chiko the author is amazing!
During one of the classes in Tokyo
Not all was work. They also took me to Mount Fuji and to Nara, where Japan's capital once was located. I enjoyed the food and delicious pastries and became a big fan of the Udon soup and tempura shrimps.
I'm so looking forward to the next time in Japan!

With the JMEA directors, Hisa my host
and Miki the great translator
It all started with Keiko (with the hat) who took several classes with me in Dallas in 2003/04.
She is now JMEA's president and has hundreds of students.

This is the big pewter clock they did

This was the "dessert"
Done in color aluminum with
Dreamweaver stencil and embossing plates

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  1. That plate is absolutely STUNNING. The work is so meticulous and precise. I am curious how many hours were invested in it!
    Linda Carlson