Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monogram in Pewter

I love doing monograms or initials on metal. It is also a great way of personalizing a gift. Pewter gives it the extra touch of elegance.

In this project I used the following MercArt's products:
*Teflon D-04
*Cup and Ball #3
*Paper stump #4
*Screw and Cup Stamping Tool (for the corners)
*Big Wheel (row of dots around the monogram and as a border).
*Fiber Glass tool (burnished look in the background)
*Filling paste
*Pewter Patina


  1. This so fabulous!!! There are no flaws!! Now that I have been following your work so closely, I am not feeling very good about mine. hehe

    Once again, thanks for inspiring!!

  2. Wendy just keep practicing and I promise you'll get better each day!!!

  3. I agree with Wendy, your work is absolutely PERFECT!! I do not get the same result with the big wheel or the burnished look with the wire brush. The metal polish seem to "shine" my burnished look.

  4. Zett: Are you using the Big Wheel over the suede? In this project I used the Fiber Glass tool that gives the metal a different burnished look than the Brass Brush (though they are similar). To avoid what you say, try doing the background with any of these 2 tools AFTER the patina and the polish.

  5. I am using my wheel over the suede - I cannot work without that LOVE IT. In South Africa they use felt which I find too soft, especially when doing names or writing. I will try the brush after patina. On second thought, I am going to change my order to include the fiber glass tools. I see on website there are refills - what tool do I attach them to.

  6. Zett: yes, foam is too soft and metal can get wrinkles and bumps easily with too soft materials.
    We have the fiber glass tool besides the refill. Regards.