Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stencils and Colored Aluminum

I believe that the easiest and fastest way to do Metal Embossing is by using Stencils. They are great for fast and easy- to -do projects. Stencils can be used with any metal but Colored aluminum seems to be the perfect match.
Here I used:
 Dreamweaver's heart stencil LL567 and
Mercart's Bronze and Red aluminum.  Dots around the hearts were done with the "Star Wheel"
Instead of embossing the design, I chose to "deboss" it.   The backround was done with Fiskars textured plates.  I sanded the aluminum to remove the color.In particular places you can also use the Brass Brush or the Fiber Glass tool to remove the color.


  1. Good morning!! You know I am all about using stencils!! This is the most rewarding technique!! Keep em' coming!!!

  2. hi magdalena, i was so chuffed when i found you had started a blog. im from the UK and there is just nowhere to buy decent metal or tools so i have spent a fortune on your webside over the last few weeks.
    i am brand new to metal embossing tho a hardened crafter for abt 30 yrs now. as soon as yr parcel arrived the hoovering and washing got dumped and i sat and played for the next few days and had a ball!!!

    i have finished my first peice, can i email a pic of my 1st peice to you or put on yr blog, i wud really appreciate your feedback.

  3. Hi Wendy
    I'm so glad you're having so much fun doing Repujado. Yes, please e mail me the picture of your first project and I'll give you some feedback. Mail: THanks!!

  4. hola magdalena no te imajinas el gusto que meda de que haygas echo un blog sabes asi puedo tomar ideas y cer mas los trabajos, yo me estoy agarrando ideas con los videos de tu mama, como puedo obtener la pinturas de vitral, y que tipo de pintura puedo usar para pintar..felicidades de nuevo

  5. Felicidades por el blog, es una herramienta que nos va a permitir tener nuevas ideas de trabajos, te quedó padrísimo...
    una pregunta, como es que remueves el color en el aluminio de color, a que te refieres con "sanded"?..felicidades de nuevo..Isabel

  6. Isabel: gracias por las porras. El color del aluminio se remueve lijando la superficie ligeramente. Puedes usar un block de los que usan para manicure.